Honey and her Chooks - Byron Bay, Australia

Many moons ago when I signed Iggy up for swimming lessons, I didn't suspect it would have me years later travelling down the road to Byron Bay to photograph a gorgeous family! That's how the world works though. Every day serves you multiple chances for lifetime friendships you didn't think were on the menu for that day, you just have to pay attention to what's on the special board ;)

Iggy and Honey, although only a few months old when starting swimming lessons, soon became little mates. It was easy for Caryn and I to connect as we were the only parents who weren't in wet suits with zinc smeared everywhere EVEN though the pool was indoors, haha. 

Caryn and her family made the move to Byron but we remained mates on Facebook. I was totally chuffed when she asked if I would come down to photograph them in their mountain paradise in the hills of Byron Bay. They made the ultimate lifestyle change, from city hustle and bustle to rolling hills and the happiest chooks you have ever met!