Till Death Do Us Party - Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is a really cool place to get married, like REALLY cool! What we lack though is venues that have a bit of edge and can tick every box when it comes to ceremony, drinks, food, reception, music, lighting, inside/outside options, car parking and close by options to do your location shoot.. 

WELL.. may I very proudly introduce The Brightside !!!

Located in the heart of The Valley in Brisbane city.. Its known for its diverse mix of musical acts such as Deez Nutz, Cancer Bats , Funeral For A Friend and now YOUR WEDDING!!! 

I asked my awesome mates Jemma + Matt if they would come play dress ups,  with the help of the greatest wedding planner/coordinator Him & Her , we got busy and pulled together the dream team! Paul Vøge OBVIOUSLY because he is the best celebrant in Australia, The Beauty Case, Jools on Hair, Hansel & Gretel Cakes, Brandition, Covered Linen, Hampton Hire, Kate Dawe Flower Design who ABSOLUTELY nails it EVERY TIME! September Creative created the badass 'wedding posters' and all the stationary and Marc Media filmed the days event in his own unique way, this guy is seriously about to take over the world! Good ol husband dearest Steven Childs provided us with his finest wedding covers just like he does every weekend and Jemma wore a very original 2 piece wedding dress from Love Found True

The mission for this whole shoot was to show off what happens when you break all the rules.. You want burgers for your main course, SURE! You want a smoke machine when you're having your first kiss? Sure! You want to have your own beer on tap? Sure! You don't want to travel for your location photos, but simply walk next door to the epic roof top car park? Sure! 

My first rule of weddings, is there are no rules.. Lets stop doing what we are 'supposed' to do and actually do what WE want TO DO!!

Till Death Do US Party!