G'day, if you're reading this I suspect you heard of me from either the internet or a mate, both are reliable sources ;)

My name is Kristina Wild and I really like to take photos.

Here is my life story so far or if you don't like to read, the basic summary is "I was born, picked up a camera, took a LOT of photos and now I do it for a living."

1985-2000 My early years in life were spent in a teeny tiny town called Tenterfield in New South Wales, Australia.. It was very much the 'Aussie' upbringing where I would leave early in the morning on my pushbike to meet up with mates at the creek or the town pool and return for dinner at night, this was long before mobile phones were a thing but you could always trust that Mrs Tickle had seen you at some stage and already reported back to my mum with my childhood antics. Many hours were spent with my younger sister Emma going through the many, many, many albums and boxes of photographs my mum had taken of her extensive travels around the world before she had us, riding camels in Egypt or sleeping on a boat in Israel and partying to Elton John in England or bus tours around Europe and living in straw huts in Bali, mum sure lived a life!

As the years went on mum saved her pennies and took my sister and I to Ireland when we were 8 and 9 to visit my other side of my family, this started a ritual of travelling almost yearly to somewhere new and for this life lesson I will always thank my dear Ma.

Going from a town with less than 3000 people to huge international airports in London or Asia was very far removed from my meat and three veg life, everything was different and it was exhilarating even at 9 years of age I knew that I wanted to see all the things. I always promised myself that when I had kids I would do the same for them and show them as much as the world as I could. My wish came true and at the tender age of 17 I gave birth to my first, Juliet. 

2003 When Juliet was born, I photographed every inch of her with my point and shoot film camera, I saved my money so that a few months later I could develop my precious rolls of film of these irreplaceable moments of my daughters life. I still remember opening the packet in the supermarket counter like it was the winning gold ticket in the chocolate bar in Willy Wonker, except I didn't have the beautiful photos I had envisioned in my head, I had blurry, under exposed images that were just.. shit. 

This was the moment that I promised myself that I would learn how to master the art of photography so I could do our own little story justice. The fire was strong and when Juliet was about 6 months my mum gifted me my first digital point and shoot camera, I was off and going! 

2006 When Juliet was 3 I started our own chapter of world travel with a trip to Ireland, and so the cycle beings again.. 

2008 I bought my first proper DSLR, a canon 40D that had a crumby kit lens that I quickly replaced with a 50mm 1.8. From his point I was known as the 'chick with the camera', there wasn't a place I wouldn't take it.. To a music festival, in the ocean, to lunch, to birthday parties, to school, to the pub, to work.. I lived with that camera and boy did it take a bashing! Having this thirst to perfect my images was my own self taught education, so no, I am not formally trained in any manor at all.. it all comes from the heart (and youtube tutorials).

2012 I had a baby.. in the car, her name is Iggy and she is all kinds of awesome crazy. 

2012 I had blogged our adventures on my Tumblr for a few years now and Facebook was also around so I would have friends ask if I could take photos of their families like I do my own. At first I thought as I didn't shoot in a classic studio style that no one would want to book me but once I started sharing the images I was taking of other families it snowballed, hey Ma, look at me, I'm a photographer! 

2013 I shot my first wedding, very reluctantly. They scared me, what if you missed the kiss or the bouquet toss or the way the groom looks at the bride the first time with a tear in his eye.. This wedding helped that they were friends of mine but the fear was very real, then I arrived and instantly I knew it was going to be more than fine.. it was going to be freaking AWESOME! I remember getting home that night to a house that was asleep and jumping silently around the living room because I just shot my first wedding and I LOVED IT! See, I LOVE connections, I love capturing real moments, I love, love. A wedding is packed to the brim with these moments so I'm like a very excited puppy, but all calm and collected and highly proffesional ;) 

My brain is slightly cross eyed from this point as I have gone on to shoot 100’s of weddings and over 800 family shoots in the last 6 years. Each one is given as much attention and love as the last, I pride myself on the experience as I feel that is 50% of the photo, if you don't feel comfortable and in the moment in the picture, you won't like it so my job is to be a superpower ninja who is like your old best mate and can also take a cracking photo. 

What do I want from the future? 

To continue to push myself to learn more, photography is art and art has no boundaries and thats bloody cool! We have created a fun suburbia life here in Brisbane, Australia with a cute little apartment, a verandah full of succulents and australian natives and walls covered with pictures we have created together, I'm constantly planning our next trip and trying to be as balanced as possible which is why I finish work at 5pm every day and if you don't get a prompt reply to an email, thats why. 

Photography has been my ticket to the world and opened so many doors for me, like you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't find the picture that lead you here, so 'hey' 

Thanks for reading legend! 

Marc Media came with me around the world to help create a story.


"Kristina is without doubt the person you want capturing those special moments in your life. She has the wonderful ability to make you feel right at home or like you've been great friends for years almost instantaneously, and to feel that comfortable can only mean gorgeous natural images. 
She is someone that is emotionally invested in your story and sees and captures the small beautiful moments that otherwise would go unnoticed.

It's been a long time since photos have made it to life out of the laptop - and I'm so proud to display Kristina's images of my family in real life photo frames. Thanks again Kristina X - Jess"


"Having a photo session with Kristina was one of the best days ever!! She is so enthusiastic and encouraging, I knew that I was her only client that day and felt free to take as much time as I needed. 
I also really appreciate the way she runs her business. You pay her, she takes amazing photos, she edits them and then gives them to you. No dodgy packages or hidden extra costs. You get the service you pay for with none of the gimmicks that are endemic with a lot of photographers. 
Quite simply, I couldn't give Kristina a higher recommendation and I wouldn't think twice about hiring her again. 
Thank you Kristina. xx - Jillian"


"Man where do I start! If you have had the privilege to meet this woman, I'm sure you would feel the same. Her craftiness, attitude, wit, personality, humour & ability to relate to anyone is clever! As soon as she walked in with all her positiveness to photograph our wedding day, we all fell in love. She brought so much love, passion and excitement to our day and it really wouldn't have been the same without her. From the few snaps we've received from Kristina so far, I either "awwww" and get goose bumps or convulse into fits of laughter at how clever she was to capture that exact moment. I'm so in love with every photo (and how good she's made us look ;)), I'm going to have to frame every one!
Every time I see a guest from our wedding, they also rave about how fantastic our photographer was and how excited they are to see the photos. Kristina was like having a valuable friend at your wedding. If your friends, friend is thinking of booking Kristina - tell them to not hesitate and don't be jealous and book her yourself!! 
Kristina you're a ledge - keep doing what your doing coz it's oh so good! - Melanie"


"Kristina is amazing. Not just as a photographer but as a human. So down to earth, professional and fun. We were immediately at ease on her arrival.. I can't say enough good things. Thank you a million times over. - Natalie"


"Still can't figure out what I like more... Her photos or just hanging out with her. Kristina is just amazing. Looking forward to many more shoots x - Katy"


"I literally chose the date of my wedding based on Kristina's availability. No Kristina, no wedding. 
I cannot express in enough words how grateful I am! When your wedding photographer is willing to stop traffic and take a break for pancakes, you know you've found someone special. 
I am forever thankful. She was the perfect photographer for us- the ONLY photographer for us. Toni"



"Could not recommend this pocket rocket more! Not only does she make you feel totally at ease and comfortable from your very first interaction but she is one of those crazy naturally talented peeps behind a lens (you know, the ones who make you crazy jealous that you can't make your pictures look like that)! She is there from start to finish, yes - finish! When your shoes are off and you may or may not have wedding cake on your face. So if you want a photographer that feels more like a friend and photos that are so perfect and beautiful they'll bring a tear to your eye, than Kristina's where it's at - Sarah"


"I am a pretty awkward person when it comes to people wanting to take my photo and on my way to meet Kristina I was quietly shitting my pants. She made me feel so at ease, most of the time I didn't even realise she was taking photos. I can't recommend her enough! She's amazing. A++ - Kaite"


"Holy guacamole! Kristina came into our home and it was like we knew her forever. There was no awkward posing she just came in and captured us being us! We had half of our photos to look at the same day!! And our disk sent out in less than a week smile emoticon can't wait until I have an excuse to get photos done with Kristina again. - Timeka"