Shannan + Sarah - Ipswich, Australia Wedding

Here's a story about a boy who met a girl, they fell in love, hard. 

Planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to cut all the excess and concentrate on what the day was all about, THEM and their insane love for each other! Both Sarah + Shannan were both so chilled and relaxed whilst getting ready, although Sarah seeing her proud Pappa had everyone in the room in tears. And seeing Shannan's son Kai look up at him in awe of his Daddy about to be married, all the feels. 

Their whole day was just FUN! Their ceremony was full of laughter and clapping (which is what happens when you have Paul Vøge as your celebrant!). They played a game I had never seen before at the reception which had EVERYONE on the floor laughing out loud (ROFL'ing). It was just a bloody awesome day, take a look for yourself!