Shelley + Daniel - New York, New York

Have you ever planned a big wedding and got to the point where you thought 'F*ck it, lets just elope!' ? We personally did and not for a second have we regretted our choice! 

Shelley + Daniel regularly chase the winters and forgo the blasting Australian summers, with winter jackets and snow soaked shoes in Northern America. It only made sense when their Aussie planned wedding was becoming a bit too difficult to pull together that they would pack their bags and very carefully take a wedding dress and suit half way round the world (Although, they had a hard time leaving behind their 2 beloved french bulldogs, but as luck would have it there would be no problem for frenchie cuddles on the day!)!

It was easy for them to pick a destination, they have spent many months in New York before and love the pace of the city. It's a busy place with a million juxtapositions, the rich and the homeless, the 5 star dining next to McDonalds, 100's of skyscrapers and Central Park, 8 Million people and just us 3 charging around those Manhattan streets in our Cons and Vans making what will be one of the most memorable weddings I have ever been a part of, let alone shot!

Shelley + Daniel did a great job finding a kickass celebrant, hair and make up and florist from over 15,000kms away and everything came together on the day like a piece of New York baked cheeseCAKE. 

These two win the award for doing everything on their own terms and well the results speak for themselves.. Come travel with us half way round Manhattan and via the Metro to Brooklyn for Pizza!

Dress - Rue De Seine "Chloe"
Celebrant - The Reverend D
Rings - Shelley's is by Heidi Gibson Designs and Daniel's is by Michael Hill Jewellers
Florist - Stems Brooklyn
Hair/Makeup - Adriana Andaluz