Reanna + Giac - Cairns Wedding

What happens when an Italian boy takes out an ad on gumtree for an apartment in Sydney and his house mate throws a BBQ and a country girl from the hills of Cairns is there?

A truly unique love story and an equally unique wedding!

Did I mention the housemate is the girls ex boyfriend!?

Reanna and Giac have been on a non stop adventure since this fateful evening which has seen them live all over Australia and finally settling in Adelaide. When planning the wedding they decided it would be fitting to head back to her family home in Cairns, most people's family backyard don't have a billabong, paint ball field and extreme 4WD track but theirs sure does!

Oh and snakes and turtles and giant moths, it was like being Jeff Goldblum and walking out into Jurassic Park for the first time.. the excitement was REAL!

Reanna scoured through countless op shops and flea markets to find all the details of the wedding, from crystal glass wear to her own wedding dress, it was all carefully shipped back to Cairns and not a single detail was missed! 

This was hands down the hottest wedding I have ever photographed, but not for a second did Reanna + Giac complain, even when the clouds broke 1 minute into our portrait session, nothing and I mean NOTHING was going to stop them from having a good time!

Wedding Venue - The Billabong 

Styling - The Bride + Groom

Flowers - Roses & Blooms Florist