2015 - The busiest year of my life.

I'm at the point of my career where I'm incredibly blessed to have more work than I can actually do and I have minimal time to reflect on the enormity of all of this, so I wanted to create a blog that I could journal where I'm at right now, this series of photos may be perfectly composed or technically terrible BUT everyone of them makes me burst with pride or laughter from the memory of the moment behind the image. I've done more than 200 Family sessions and 26 weddings this year and the fatigue was strong before my trip to the states recently.. Like, thats a lot of photographs taken, easily quarter of a million! I had a moment to stop and get offline and it completely rebooted my system and I've planned my 2016 out so that I can still shoot everything I want but to also have unplugged times with my family.. 

So here are my favourite images I've created in 2015. Enjoy.