Kristie + Tim - Brisbane Wedding

Kristie first met Tim when she landed a job at DFO in Brisbane after moving here from Mackay, they were instantly connected at the hip and decided to move to Canada.. years passed and they made their way back home and scored a beautiful ol rickety queenslander across the road from Northey Street Organic Markets, sure it flooded and the foundation looked like it could give way at any moment but they made it a home. (Until it got SUPER flooded and then no one was allowed to live there, but hey.. lets get back to their wedding)

Kristie and Tim frequented the weekly markets and became good mates with their caretakers, this relationship would prove handy when they started planning their wedding as they couldn't imagine doing it anywhere else but here! This was the markets first BIG wedding and they nailed it!


Ceremony + Reception Venue - Northey Street City Market

Brides Dress - When Freddie Met Lilly