Shae + Alex - Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

It's a pretty neat aspect of my job that I meet people like Shae + Alex whom invite me to document every chapter of their life. They don't live anywhere near me so it's always an adventure to get to them. This time though, hands down was the most epic of journeys and one I got to share with my great mate Jaden Marc ( Marc Media ). He was coming along for the ride because with ingredients like this for a wedding, there needed to be video evidence! Ha.

Shae shared of her and Alex's dreams to be married in their favourite spot in the world, Gili T! It is a teeny tiny island in Indonesia where there is NO motorised transport, just horse and carts or bicycles. It is famous for their wild sunsets and VERY relaxed settings. 

We arrived by plane/bus/speedboat/horse and cart the night before the wedding. Seeing the island for the first time, illuminated by the full moon and the general chaos of Indonesia, we made our way to the Villa on our trusty stead on a compact one lane dirt road that circumnavigates the whole island.. it was DAMN COOL!  

Waking up to the sounds of the ocean crashing, being handed fresh coconuts from our fabulous host, we made our way around the area to explore by daylight. WOW. This is a place you need to come experience at least once in your life, its GORGEOUS!! White sand beaches, crystal clear volcanic blue oceans, jungles, lighthouses, kitty cats and all the mi goreng you could ever want, all this without leaving the grounds of the Villa! 

We got back to the Villa, me still in my PJ's because that's how I role before work and could see Shae and her bridesmaids walking into the Villa next door, they had a mix up with their resort next door so our legend host had invited them to use one of their Villas, classic legends in Indo! So that started our day of documenting, me in my cheetah boxer shorts! Ha.

I think I will leave the writing here and let you see for yourself how it all unfolded.  

Pour yourself a Bingtang, cause it's time to PARTY!  


Film created by Jaden Marc - MARC MEDIA

All the wild details

Shaes Dress - Alex Mearing

Guys Outfits - Custom Few & Far Collective

Wedding Rings - Windfall Jewellery

Shoes - Senso / Vans

Ceremony/Reception Venue - Ombak Sunset

Videographer - Marc Media

Hydration - Bintang